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2020 Dave Garland 3

Fellow Snowmobilers & Stakeholders,

As the 15th President of the NBFSC, I am pleased to lead and navigate our team through these unprecedented times.  We, the board understand and respect the tireless efforts of being a “Volunteer Organisation”. Those that clear trails, groom trails, sit on club boards etc. are who make this all possible. 

We also ask that all member clubs and snowmobilers adhere to forthcoming guidelines or recommendations (if any) pertaining to the recovery from COVID-19. These challenges ahead will be met with success as we team together.

Snowmobiling is an economic stimulus to many businesses and communities. According to the Canadian Outdoor Recreational Round Table in a letter dated April 24, 2020 it was pronounced, “The collective outdoor recreational industry is conservatively estimated to produce $24.6 billion in economic activity for Canada each year generating an estimated 472,713 direct jobs, $7.1 billion in taxes & $52.1 billion in total revenues”.

So where do we fit in? The NBFSC delivered. Past President Scott Ralston achieved his goal:   2019 Snowmobile Economic Impact Study (available on our website) “The verifiable results states there is an annual $90.5 million worth of economic and volunteer value in New Brunswick” from snowmobiling.

We, the NBFSC will continue to work with and lobby governments at all levels on behalf of our permit holders and stakeholders in our industry.

We are very fortunate to have access to public (crown) lands and must respect the privilege of crossing privately held property and our privileged access to industrial freehold lands in New Brunswick as well.      

We are a healthy alternative for winter activities while promoting social interaction, family fun and stress relief.            

I welcome all readers of this message to come to New Brunswick and ride over 8000 kilometers of managed trails and experience our exceptional trail signage while enjoying our Province’s hospitality and Tourism.

Stay safe,

Dave Garland, NBFSC President